Ep 3: Old Myth, New Myth

As the party was leaving the scene of destruction, they were hailed and pulled over by Lt. Marcus Axehand of Goria, who officially deputized the party and told them that he would likely have work for them if they ever returned to the Thuron Maintanance Site

After a quick stop to restock a bit at Edge, they were off to help Professor Dunn with whatever it was he needed help with (no one quite was sure).

However, on the way to the event, they happened upon a group of orcs. While at first they thought they were attacking, the party quickly realized they were fleeing from something. After some discovery and a battle with Zombie Orcs and an opposing mech, they discover the source of the orcs’ fear: A masked, leather-clad necromancer calling himself Azrael who, despite his obvious power, did not outright slaughter the party and chose to flee when they left him with no other option but to kill them.

After the battle, Quincy told some of the story of how it happened.

They manage to make it to Dunn’s laboratory near the Mech Graveyard. It appeared he wanted to study a creature known as a Trak-Trak, an entity of spontaniously animated mechanical parts, thought to be holy by the followers of Dortak. He was willing to pay 3000 gold per person for their help, an absurd amount for the simplicity of the task at hand. Upon entering the scrap yard, they discovered that Trak-trak’s were not the only mechanical creatures inhabiting the area. A form of autonomous mechanical bug attacked the Trak-Trak and our intrepid heroes were forced to defend their prize.

Eventually managing to defeat the Bug, they lead the Trak-Trak outside the graveyard into a waiting trap for the strange creature. Dunn payed them the money he promised and sent them on their way.



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