Episode 2

Sabotage at Thuron

After a vicious battle against a Rust Rider band, the Roadhouse found itself crippled a few days outside of Edge City. Our intrepid heroes individually signed on with a merchant who was trying to get to the Citymech of Thuron.

They manage to make it there in one piece, despite a run in with a Bulette and Vincent’s strange dreams. While at Thuron, they make friends with a Dwarven Officer. Vincent attempts to shake his feeling that something is terribly wrong.

A cogling approaches Tindra looking for “Boss-man,” but she redirrects him elsewhere.

Soon, the officer receives a letter and leaves in a hurry. Vincent follows him in an irrational panic. As they enter the dwarf-only portions of the Mech and notice a considerable lack of officers.

It became apparent that a number of counterfit letters had been sent to all of the officers on the mech, each one equipted with Explosive Runes and Sepia Snake Sigil. Just as order was being reistablished, the mech ground to a complete halt.

The party managed to find the cogling that had approached them earlier. He took them down to the Gearforest to show them what he had been talking about earlier. They found rust covering everything and the reminants of the glass pottery the Merchant had been delivering. The party quickly realized that their merchant had smuggled Crumble Bugs on board as part of a terrorist plot.

They tracked the terrorist down as he was painting a gear cut by a lightning-bolt. Before they handed the man over to the Stenian Authorities, he told them that he worked for someone or something called “Dreamstealer.”



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