Prologue: Ep 1


Our intrepid heroes gathered to the traveling tavern known as the Roadhouse for their various reasons.

Orin “Treehugger” Relboron had recently lost his tribe and was looking for any way of getting in contact with them. Tindra Rowan is on her way to Stilt City to deliver a letter on behalf of her master, Shadowlord Byron Hafstead. The Dragonborn Vincent Lenora has been granted a terrible vision and is on his way to Flatlands in order to investigate what it could possibly mean.

Orin talked to an odd dwarf wearing powered armor named Malador Twinhammer, who tipped him off to a mercnant who was looking for an escort to the Stenian Citymech, Thuron. Malador and Orin seemed to get along well, both being members of the Irontooth Clans.

Vincent attracted the attention of a strange Brother of Boccob named Quincy Attilius Knight, who Vincent recognized for his potential despite his eccentricities.

Tindra learned that the lower-class neighborhoods of Stilt City were being terrorized by some manner of necromantic plague. Despite her initiatl interest, the conversation quickly got boring. She was “rescued” by the drow Tesa Ri’Aldras who, unfortunately for Tindra, proved to have less-than-altruistic motives in conversing with her. Tindra fled to her room in embarrassment.

The next day, all seemed to be going well until the Roadhouse’s sensors indicated that they were about to run afoul of a band of Rustriders. The Adventurers readied themselves for the fight to come…



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