Tindra Rowan

A naive waif of a Shadowcaster


Growing up in a seemingly stable home, her father, Unger Rowan was a paladin of St. Cuthbert, leading fantastic campaigns across the land. Her mother was a priestess of St. Cuthbert to the world, but to herself, and eventually her two daughters, Inez and Tindra, she was a Shadowcaster, former student of Shadowlord Byron Hafstead. She taught Tindra small spells and the basics of casting, seeing her younger daughter’s natural tendencies towards shadow magics, but one day, while Tindra was out at a friend’s home, her mother was caught by her father.
Tindra came home to her mother burning at the stake outside. Her father grabbed her and ordered her to look away, that they were burning a servant of the Evil Ones. She ran into her home just as she heard one of her father’s superiors order him to round up his daughters, to ‘test for Evil,’ and she grabbed her mother’s secret books from under a cabinet. Finding the scroll she needed, an emergency recall one her mother kept for emergencies, she used it, and in a flash, she was on some unknown plane. She was joined only after one confused moment by her mother’s old tutor, called by the spell. After his initial surprise at finding the daughter there instead of the mother, he listened to her tale. Sadly taking the girl’s hand, he led her to his large tower, where she spent the next several years training as his newest student, alongside another apprentice and her senior by one year, Leonard Duprey.

Everything she knows of the world at large is through book study only, having no practical adult experience in the world. Her master has now sent her out to test her capabilities in the Lunar Rain-destroyed landscape.

Tindra Rowan

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