Imma gunna copy a whole bunch of sample modivations that the book had. These are just examples of what is possible, don’t feel at all required to stick to these. I just thought it might be nice to get an idea of the various scales things can be on.

• Defeat the lunar aberrations

• Restore faith in the traditional gods

• Gain followers for a personal belief system from those who now have nothing left to believe in

• Oppose the plans of the lunar gods

• Explore (or loot) the ruins left by the lunar rain

• Restore the surface world (or your own hometown or nation) to its former glory

• Explore the depths of the underdeep, those exposed only since the surfac eworld refugees pushed ever deeper

• Locate the legendary Master Repository of the Gearwrights Guild

• Restore order and law throughout the world

• Fight against the oppressive policies of the Stenian Confederacy

• Acquire a personal mech

• Build your own mech

• Advance the art of mechcraft through whatever means necessary

• Join the Irontooth Clans and become a mech devil

• Join the Gearwrights Guild

• Find a way to travel to the moon and destroy the lunar dragons at their source

• Forge an alliance between the splintered factions of the world, so the larger threats can be confronted in unison

• Pursue personal power through whatever means necessary, ensuring that you aren’t affected by such disasters in the future

• Prove that steam-powered mechs are superior to magically powered ones (or vice versa)

• Restrict knowledge of mechs to those who can use it wisely

• Rise to a senior pilot position in the mech jockey hierarchy of the city-mechs

• Discover what lives in the endless engine rooms that power the city-mechs

• Prove that life on the surface is possible without the city-mechs

• Unravel the mystery behind the Pretominin Heads and the Great Standing Dwarf

• Hunt monsters, find treasure, and become a hero in this shattered world


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