Irontooth Clans

The Irontooth Clan are a group of Mech Warriors, in the truest sense of the phrase. Perfecting mechs and mech combat are their primary goal.


The Irontooth clans originally splintered from the Stennian confederacy when a number of dwarves decided that, since the days of subteranian mining were gone, other old dwarvish sentiments may also be outdated. Where the Confederacy begrudgingly employed, these pilots and engineers whole-heartedly embraced this new technology and lifestyle. As such, they also refused to be as segrigated as the Stenian society. Now there are nearly as many humans as dwarves in the Irontooth clans. The name “Irontooth” refers to their mech designs, which tend to be decorated with brutally spiked armor.


Besides being more openminded, the Irontooth clans have focused themselves almost entirely on making mech combat an art form. Where the stenian mechs focus on bigger and better, the irontooth focus on being precise, efficient, and responding better to the pilot’s commands. Their pilots are undoubtedly the best in the world.

The downside of this is that the Irontooth clans have almost no concern for their non-mech-dwelling citizenry. They tax many of their villages to the point of starvation, raid settlements that are not allied to them, and will quickly abandon their wards to the wolves if a threat stops looking like a challenge and starts looking like suicide.


The Irontooth clans have no city mechs. The Irontooth clans themselves are each an independant structure of extended family units, each one allied to but independant from the rest. Each clan will consist of several mechs, and every mech is unique from every other.

There are about 10,000 irontooth clansmen, scattered across 50 clans. No non-mech-dwellers can call themselves a member.

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