L'arile Nation

Building a better tomorrow today. These guys are so green they make Al Gore look republican


The Elves of Highpoint traditional lived in the Lilat and Hereal Forests. There were a couple large cities, but for the most part, they lived in small communities that existed within the branches of ancesteral trees. As the lunar rains descended like the wrath of god, the forests were destroyed.

After the rise of the mechs, the elves realized that imitation of the dwarven strategy was their only means of survival. The surviving elves transformed their home trees into animated shells, so that their trees would continue to protect them even in death. However, they planned for a day when the walkers would no longer be necessary. In the heart of every Elven home mech, they planted a sappling from the tree it was made from. It is their hope that once the lunar threat has abated that they can discard their mechs and plant the forest anew.


The L’arile nation takes the long view on most things. Avoidance is better than conflict unless avoidance will lead to more conflict. Their whole existance and goal is to ensure that the elven race, and the forests that once sustained them, will survive.


The L’arile have approximately 40,000 citizens, about a quarter of which live in Mechs. There are two common varieties of Mech used by the L’arile. The first are the towering walkers that serve as homes for those lucky enough to live in them. These rarely see combat, and avoid confrontation whenever possible. The second, known as Rodwalkers, are much smaller and serve as the primary L’arile offensive unit. Named for the fact that each mech is armed with four oversized wands of Fireball that can all be synced to fire at once at a specific target. When deployed in large numbers, the Rodwalkers can quickly takeout almost any force before getting near enough to place themselves at risk for retribution.

Most L’arile tactics focus on long range rather than close range tactics.

While technically independant, the L’arile also are allied with Tannanniel, the most powerful mech in existence.

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