Meanwhile, the looming specter to the east reared its head in agony.


Legion a human run and organized Mechdom, founded and lead by a charismatic, charming megalomaniac named Shar Thizdic (Prounounced Thi-zik)


Thizdic grew up in one of the final bastions of human civilization on the Endless Plain: A mountain city named Rook. Rook was small and secluded enough to be ignored throughout most of the Lunar Rain. When finally the Dragons stumbled upon it, its lords quickly made plans on fleeing. Thizdic was a lower class freeman, but even at a young age displayed his charisma by organizing much of the people of his city in a mighty last stand against the monsterous creature.

They managed to mortally wound the monster, however when it attempted to escape, the beast died mid-air and fell upon a small cottage sheltering an elderly man, woman and two daughters. Their son had been away fighting the dragon. His name was Shar Thizdic.

Rook was destroyed two weeks later when twenty dragons arrived to avenge their fallen brother. Shar Thizdic was one of the few who escaped. He spent the next twenty years consolidating the countless human tribes of the Endless Plain and transforming them into a single fighting force beneath his banner. He used hired and captured dwarves and gnomes to begin the construction of a mech fleet. These included, eventually, two City Mechs: Rebirth and Haven.


Thizdic preaches the doctrine of Human superiority. Over the Lunar invaders, yes, but also over the dwarves, elves, halflings, gnomes, and orcs. His speeches include an imperialist, expansionist sentiment that has left the rest of the world edgy.


There are no civilians in Legion. Every man, woman and child old enough to walk is considered a part of its military.

Legion has two city mechs. The first of these, Rebirth, is doubtlessly the weakest Citymech in existence. It is more a testiment to the silver tongue of Shar Thizdic than the military prowess of Legion. It is, in effect, a symbolic gesture towards the reemergent power of humanity. The second, however, is Haven, a state-of-the-art citymech that is a match for most of the Early Stenian models. The Humans learned from their earlier mistakes.

Each Citymech has a crew of two thousand. Eight Thousand others live and work in smaller mechs, and. Legion bosts an infantry force of Eighty Thousand troups. Every single last mother and child is 100 percent human.

Legions tactics tend to involve cooperative efforts between several mechs and infantry force besides.

Shar Thizdic has made it perfectly clear that he considers building a third Citymech to be his current goal. In fact, it seems clear that the eventual number of the machines he wishes to create number nine; one for each chapter of his army.


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