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This is the Wiki I’m creating for the world of Highpoint. For now, it will mostly be general information about the world as I’ve gleened it from the book. As the game progresses, more campaign specific information will emerge, including characters you meet and expanded information about my take on locations the book might not give much information about. Feel free to familiarize yourself with anything here. I won’t put anything you shouldn’t know already.


As stated in the Home page, the world of DragonMech is one torn apart by disaster. The moon has been brought too close to the earth, and pretty much everything on its surface is being pulled down.

In some respects, the world is greatly diminished. Natural beauty has left the world. Static cities have become more dangerous than living a nomadic existance. While Good and Evil still exist in the world, most people don’t have time to stop and think about the moral or ethical consiquences of their actions; getting caught up in guilt is a sure way of getting killed.

However, the new world is also a testiment to the bravery, tenacity and ingenuity of the intelligent races of Highpoint. Against all odds, the people of highpoint survived. Whats more, they have created wonders the likes of which have not been seen in recorded history; the Mechs. These enormous, walking machines have given humanity (and dwarvity, elfity, halflingity, half-orcity and, gnomity) a new lease on life, and introduced a new age of warfare.

Lay of the land

Highpoint is the name of the major continent on which this game takes place. The book gives no name for the planet, so I’ll call it Earth even though it technically isn’t. Here are some of the major regions of Highpoint.

Endless Plains

Main page Here: The Endless Plains

This is where most of the drama of the game takes place. The Endless Plains have always been a place of adventure, for as long as history. There were never huge civilizations here, only nomadic tribes and small city-states. I’ll go into more detail about the Endless Plains in its own page.


The Flatlands are the home and seat of power for the Stenian Confederacy, who rule the area with an iron fist. Consequently, the Flatlands are considered one of the safer places to live in Highpoint. There is a general consensus that living under the mechanical jackboot of the dwarves is better than being at the far-crueler mercy of the Lunar Dragons.

The Standing Dwarf

One oddity of the flatlands is the so-called standing Dwarf, one of the two arefacts that the Gearwrights point to as evidence of their mythical First Age of Walkers. Others are not as convinced, and merely see a stone statue of a dwarf, impressive, nonetheless, for its sheer scale and artistry.

The Roughlands and the Boundary Peeks

The Flatlands are bounded at west by the Boundary Peaks. Beyond that lies a barbarian land of savagery. There are very few facets of civilization out there

Wet Desert

Weird little facet caused by the Lunar Proximity; Tides have become rather more severe. Thus the Wet Desert. Half of the year, it the most hostile of deserts. The other half, it is a submerged shoal.

However this has made it an incredible location for harvesting salt. This is, in fact, the only reason anyone ever comes that way.

Pretominin Heads

A strange little thing in the Wet Desert that also may indicate the existance of the Gearwright’s mythical First Age of the Walkers; a group of burried metal heads, barely exposed, exist in the most hostile portion of the desert. The Surrounding native tribes are very protective of these heads, and worship them as gods.


People are people, so why should it be. That you and I should get along so awfully.


Race relation was strained by the cataclysm, to say the least. Here’s my quick take on what happened to each, before and after.

  • Humans: Before all this happened, humans on high point were mostly nomads living in the Endless plains. For the most part that’s still true, however recently a man named Shar Thizdic has organized much of Highpoint’s humanity into the Legion
  • Elves: The Elves were the most culturally advanced people of high-point before the cataclysm. Alas, their graceful forest cities are no more. Those that survived the initial onsloght went on to found the L’arile Nation.
  • Dwarves: Dwarves saved the world. Its mostly true, but its certainly how they see it. They created the Stenian Confederacy and set into motion a chain of events that brought about the Age of the Walkers, giving the sentient races of the world the tools to fight back against the Lunar monsters.
  • Gnomes: The Gnomes initially got buggered. They didn’t have nearly the defensive might the dwarves had, but were similarly situated at the mouth of the Underdark. They quickly allied themselves with the Dwarves and have gone on to make many improvements on their designs
  • Half-Elves: Half-elves are half-elves
  • Half-Orc: There’s a whole tribe of half-orcs running around. They call themselves the Thurd, and are really little better than their orcish parentage.
  • Halflings: Halflings never really had a culture of their own before. Whatever there was of it originally got obliterated 100 years ago. Now two seperate cultures have immerged, the Hypsies and the Coglings. The Hypsies are exactly what they sound, roving bands of bards and rogues that will sell you knick knacks and so they can find out where you hide your coinpurse, then cut the strings while shaking your hands. Despite this factor, they are often welcomed into towns, because so rarely is their a chance for fun anymore. The Coglings have immerged from generations of Halflings, living in the Gearforest underbellies of the city mechs. They are a strange breed, that lot.


The word Mechdom has arisn to describe the new form of political landstructure. A mechdom is defined by a number of people or area of land that is protected or controlled by one or more allied mechs.

They are as follows:
  • The Stenian Confederacy: The main, dwarven nation consisting of five citymechs and a veritable fleet of smaller craft.
  • The Irontooth Clans: An allied group of independant clans with a united interest in pushing the art of mechcraft to its very limits.
  • The Rust Riders: Roving bands of hooligans and raiders. Bad news
  • The L’arile Nation: The elven nation of affiliated mechs; they attempt to preserve what’s left of the forest along with the elves.
  • Legion: The assembled conquering army of Shar Thizdic, with a Pro-Human agenda so big its almost Anti-everybody else.
  • Mech Tribes: Many smaller groups than the ones stated above exist. Usually they are only supported by one or two mechs. Any that are important that we run into I’ll list below. The only important one so far is the Roadhouse


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