Mech Graveyard

The Mech Graveyard is the largest scrapyard in Highpoint. The remnants of a pitched battle between two mech armies has become the site for numerous strange and inexplicable occurances. Where most such battle-sites are soon picked clean by scavengers, the Mech Graveyard appears to have actually grown in size. Some claim it is a holy-site for Dortak himself. Professor Dunn has set up his research Labs just outside.


Fifteen years ago, one of the Irontooth clans attacked what they believed to be a small band of Legion mechs, but, in fact, turned out to be only the scouting party of a much larger force. Although they easily managed to overwhelm the scouts, they weren’t able to do so before the main host was alerted, and the Clan soon found themselves overwhelmed and outgunned.

The Clan Chief Durvan Surehand was repudidly a proud man, and one of the greatest Jockies ever to pilot a mech. One in ten of his mechs were piloted by Devils, and he believed he could stand against this larger force and win, so despite the odds, he charged into battle, leading his men to their dooms.

No one is entirely sure how the battle ended. There were no survivors. There were more than one hundred mechs of various sizes on the field that day and not a single one survived.

According to legend, one of the Clansmen, upon seeing his force routed, turned to Dortak for aid and the Clockwork God devistated both armies, leaving nothing alive.

No one is sure, but strange mechanical beings have been seen in the ruins, and few dare to investigate, people, mechs, even entire parties of scavengers have gone missing within its boundries.

Mech Graveyard

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