I want to expand on traditional Mythology of Highpoint. it will be important in the future.

Age of the Phanes

In the beginning, there was the Dreamer. Vast, incalculatible, he slept in the great eternal astral void and his mind spiraled out to create a plane of infinite possibility and variety. Even some of its dreamswere sentient, and conspired to free themselves from the void. So they took a great silver knife and cut themselves from the inside of the Dreamer’s skull, and spilled the power of Creation into the world. These were the Phanes, each a primal embodiment of a single concept, each so powerful as to shape the world in its vicinity to its own purposes.

Age of the Titans

No one knows what happened, but for a time, the Phanes wandered away from the Dreamer’s corpse, each carving its own world in its wake, but eventually, they all converged upon their place of birth. No one knows if it was to make war, or to mate, or some other unfathomable reason, but the end result was the same. The Phanes passed from this world, becoming the planes, the body of the Dreamer, impacted by all of the Phanes became the World, and the power of Creation passed to the Titans, the children of this strange union.

The titans walked across the face of the World and shaped it to their whims. Great, Terrible and uncaring, they were. They bred the animals of the world for more delicious souls, for that is how they sated their hungers. Thus the first sentient Race of the World was born. Humans claim them for themselves, but in truth they were the ancestor of all humanoid races.

The Humanoids worshiped the titans for fear of their wrath, but their priests were given no boons by their cruel and distant masters.

Azrael the Savior

The titans created the Reapers to harvest the souls of these breeding stock. One such servant of the Titans rebelled against his creators. He learned to taint the souls of mortals with Negative energy so that they would be impaletable to the Titans, and would extend their life indefinately. To further harm his former masters, he taught one priest, a man named Ur, how to steal the power of the Titans beneith their notice, and encouraged him to teach as many others as he could.

Eventually, several of these priests learned to harness the full power of these rituals and attempted to take the power of creation wholesale from the Titans. What little they captured destroyed them entirely and in their place, immerged the Gods, forged from the combination of the Titanic energy and the humanoid soul. The Gods waged war against the Titans and eventually, wielding the Silver Knife of the Phanes, The Lost One managed to defeat. Moradin forged bracers which bind their power and keep them from accomplshing any great evil.

Azrael the Ascendant

It was now that Azrael beared his fangs. He had no intention of helping early mortalkind but merely saw their ascendancy as a chance to make his own play for power. Gathering to him those early mortals he had gifted with Undeath, he began making preparations for his own ascension, investing power into a demon known as Orcus to act as an incubator for the divine spark he knew he was incapable of forming within himself that he might devour him and become the true God of Undeath.

Azrael the Fallen

The Ascendant Gods found themselves incapable of countering this threat themselves in person, bound by the laws which they themselves had penned. They invested a considerable portion of their power into an angel named Gabriel and sent her to defeat this implaccable foe.

Gabriel found that she could not defeat Azrael, but neither could he defeat her. Instead, she bound her soul to his, and destroyed both of their corporeal forms in a single blaze of Divine fire.

The Twins.

However Azrael managed to keep his consciousness together. While his form was destroyed, he managed to gather to him enough power to possess the soul of an unborn child. Unknown to him, though, Gabriel followed him. The two were born together twins as mortal children, innocent and without memory of their previous selves, and yet one was cursed with necromantic powers that he could scarecely control, fated to attempt to rise to godhood, and the other was blessed with the Holy Power of the Gods, destined to stop him.

Every hundred years, these two would be reborn and repeat their shadow play throughout all of Moral History.

The last cycle was ended prematurely, both Azrael slain in the lunar rain, and Gabriel, suddenly stripped of her powers, killed by a dragon.

100 years have passed, and a scarse few remember this cycle, or have the attention to spare to watching for it.


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