Behold! The walking Inn and Brothel! a marvel of modern engineering and brilliant marketing schemes!

The roadhouse is the pride and joy of one Roderick Nobswaddle, a retired Gnomish Coglayer. He designed and funded its construction. It has become the centerpiece of one of the strangest Mechdoms to have ever existed.


The Roadhouse itself is an inn and brothel on legs. It offers its clients relative safety and transport, along with the option of decent spirits and a tumble between the sheets, all provided you have the money for it; and the rates are not cheap. Staying the night at the inn costs 4gp. Being alowed to travel within it during the day costs an additional 3 gp.

However, the Roadhouse, while armed with several effective weapons, is primarily designed for luxury, not combat. Nobswaddle created a policy to cut a deal with Mech Pilots. He’ll halve the rates of a night stay, drink, and even the use of his girls and boys if the pilot is willing to become a part of the Roadhouse’s escort during the day.

The end result is that The Roadhouse is always escorting one or two smaller mechs along with it, which will help defend it and its guests if an attack happens.


The Roadhouse is all about having a good time. Relax. Let life deal with itself for a little while. Enjoy a card game, a drink and a lay, then relax in your soft bed and dream away, knowing you’re safe if the worst happens; The Roadhouse has advanced sensors to detect other approaching mechs and dragons. You’ll be fine.


There are always a few mechs along side the Roadhouse, usually from different factions. The Roadhouse is well known to most of the Mechdoms in the area and tolerated. His round visits are timed that he visits Edge in time for a different Stenian Citymech to be in proximity.


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