Rust Riders

The Boys need to eat, right boss? Who cares about dem villagers!


Rust riders have no unified history, nor a unified political structure, or unified anything. The word “Rust Rider” is a term cooked up by outsiders to describe any bandits who operate out of mechs. Bands usually form around a mech jockey who went bad and took as much as he could with him. Bands grow when, in the corse of their raiding, they find other mechs, isolated enough to be borded and captured.


They are bandits. They’re out to survive, make a profit, and escape from the law.


Each Rustrider band can consist of 20 to 30 smaller mechs. Each mech ends up being home to far more people than they are designed to support. In combat, rust rider mechs usually have dozens of people riding on the outside, shooting and ready to leap over and board their target.

The total population of the Rustriders is estimated to be about 5,000, but no one is sure.

Rust Riders

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