Stenian Confederacy

The Stenian Confederacy is the first, biggest, and most powerful Mechdom to immerge.


The Stenian Confederacy dates back to the first several years of the lunar rain. After the first citymech, Durgan-Lok was completed, the newly created Gearwrights Guild decided to create a second mech. Duerok, the Dwarven Capital got into a disagreement with the Guild over who should run the new mech. The end result was Durgan-Lok and the newly constructed Nedderpick becoming independant political entities, alied with, but independant from Duerok. Now there are five allied citymechs in the flatlands, and countless smaller mechs that swear their alliegence to them


The Confederacy is focused on one single thing: Law and Order. Their primary concern is keeping the peace within the territory they control. Their secondary concern is expanding said territory.

The Stennian Territory is effectively under constant martial law. Any mech pilot in the field may act as judge, jury and executioner as he sees fit. There is no means to appeal to a higher justice and while a majority of the Stennian pilots are honest, the organization as a whole is not above corruption.

However they do a good job of keeping the Dragons out, and that’s about all that humanity can ask for in times like this


There are five city mechs in the fleet: Durgan-Lok, Nedderpick, Lokag, Thuron and Goria. About 18,000 people live aboard one of these mechs and about 10,000 live in smaller mechs patroling the flatlands. There are about 300,000 subjects of the confederacy. There is a huge racial disparity between those living in mechs and those on the ground; Three quarters of the populations living aboard the mechs are dwarves. Half of the people living on the ground are human.

The Stenian tactics are straightforward and brutal. You hit them as hard as you can and keep hitting them until they stop moving.

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