Stilt City

Until ten years ago, Stilt City was on a slow, steady course of decline. However, since King Loreshay handed the day-to-day running of his barony over to Council of Magistrates, the city has made an astounding comeback. Under the supervision of Chief Magistrate Revias Falmont, the central city has expanded by a four square miles and the entire city has increased its population by one thousand.

Here’s what you need to know about Stilt City:

Lay of the Land

Stilt City isn’t really quite a city in the traditional sense of the word. A better word would be “County,” “Duchy,” or “Shire.” The political extent of Tyrat is over fifteen square miles, occupying an area next on the western bank of the Tyratian River. During the dry months of the year, when the lunar tide isn’t as strong, the city is located on the river bank. However during the “Wet” months, the entire city’s area is submerged. The citizens have managed this creating a three-tiered city-structure. The first level is composed of farm land that is sewed during the dry months, the second level, located fifteen feet off the ground is made up of houses and walking platforms to be used during the wet months. There is a third tier, although it only occupies about four square miles, which is the “City” of Tyrat, proper.


Due to its unusual structure, Stilt City has developed a literal undercity beneath the City Proper. Due to the fact that that area of the city is constantly in shadow, it is never farmed. However a number of people have set up their home in the city’s shadow. It has become home to the city’s black market.

Population and Demographic

Stilt City is known as Tyrat to its population. It has four thousand inhabitants, making it one of the bigger cities in the Endless Plains. About 93% of the population is human. The remainder is made up of Elven and Half-Elven communities that have been settled in this part of the world since before the Cataclysm.


Stilt City is the bread-basket of the Endless Plains, and over 95% of its export is Rice. The city also keeps water-fowel like ducks and geese, and has a thriving fishing community. A vibrant, wood-like form of reed, known as Bamboo, has been naturalized and is also exported. Its chief imports are textiles and other raw materials not easily manufactured in a flood plain


Tyrat is technically a feudal monarchy, ruled by King Loreshay, governed by several lesser nobles ruling the surrounding countryside. However recently, the King has handed over most of the day-to-day working of the city over to a man by the name of Revias Falmont, who has over-seen a huge reconstruction effort.

Stilt City

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