The Endless Plains

Even before the Cataclysm, the Endless Plain was Adventure Central. Ruled by nomadic tribes and small citystates, the region was always infested with would-be overlords and gallant heroes. It was an equalibrium, of a sort.

However after the disaster, things have intensified.

This is what I’ve got on this area.

Cities on the Endless Plains

Many of the cities of the Endless Plains were destroyed. Here are the ones that remain.


Galtek is a weird little trade city, that used to operate between the elves and an aquatic race called the Slathem. These days its been reduced both in wealth and number by numerous raids. Much of the city is underground caverns that flood with sea water depending on the tide. The Slathem use these flooded caverns as a trading ground. Galtek is actively allied with the L’Arile Nation


Between the Endless Plain and the Flatlands is an enormous clifface. Where the Endless River goes over this cliff, a city immerged based on the concept of profiteering various ways of ascending the cliff. There are many ways up. None of them are free.

Stilt City

Stilt City is an architectual wonder that has, despite all odds, coninued to survive despite the best efforts of the Lunar threat. Built on stilt-like tears over the Tyratian River, Stilt City has effectively become the breadbasket of Highpoint. It is one of the few places that still manages to grow crops despite the lunar rain. Its multiple levels that still permit sunlight protect it from most of the rain and keep its livestock safe from draconic raids. However, recently the dragons have stepped up their efforts. Several large raids have barely been driven off recently.


I’ll have to look up more on this. Its a fortress city

The Endless Plains

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