Tesa Ri'Aldras

A woman with onyx skin and silver-white hair, and long pointed ears.


Female Drow Stalker 3

Medium Humanoid (elf)

HD: 3d6+3 (12 hp)

Speed: 30 ft

Init: +5

AC: 20 (10+5+5)

BAB: +2

Attack: Rapier +8 melee (1d6+2) or Heavy Crossbow +8 Ranged (1d10)

Special Attacks: Sneak Attack 2d6, Spell Like Abilities

Special Qualities: Evasion, Trap finding, Trap sense +1, Darkvision 120’ Light Blindness, SR 14, Elf Traits

Abilities: Str: 14, Dex 21, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 15 Cha 16

Skills: Balance +11, Bluff +9, Climb +8, Disable Device +11, Escape Artist +11, Hide +11, Mech Pilot +11, Move Silently +11, Open Lock +11, Tumble +11, Use Magic Device +9, Use Rope +11

Feats: Rapid Reload, Weapon Finesse


Boasting a Devil-may-cry attitude that’s like to get her in trouble these days, Tesa likes to keep an air of mystery about her. And Mysteries there are a-plenty. Why would a Drow leave the relative safety of their subteranian kingdoms to the danger of the Moon-besotted surface? Where did she learn to pilot mechs? And why does she get nervous whenever you mention her past?

One way or another, she’s here and looking for adventure. Anything to keep her mind off of whatever it is she’s keeping her mind off of.

Tesa Ri'Aldras

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